Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Monday

Dear EDS,

Thanks for being good to me again today.  Even though the day was nothing out of the ordinary I still really appreciate good EDS days.  I pretty much got up, went to work (and totally avoided a work related situation that could have been not so good!), and came home.  Work was great today; my favorite staff member just left our office so one of her new replacements started today.  Although no one could ever replace J, K is a great new addition to our work family.    

I started taking new drugs today (well ok I took it like 15 minutes ago) for my headaches.  A lot of EDSers that I've talked to, myself included, to get awful migraines very frequently.  My neuro put me on some drugs, beta-blockers to be specific, to hopefully stop the headaches.  The only problem is is that these drugs can also lower my blood pressure and since mine is really low to begin with that could be a problem.  I'll keep you updated on how this new adventure goes.  Other than that I'm just getting snuggled in to have a nice relaxing night.


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